Milking It - Episode 41 - Scroobius Pip

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  • Year: 2015

The podcast that tugs the teat of popular culture until it explodes all over your face is back, and with a very special guest!

This week Boo and David sit down with recording artist, performance poet, wrestling fan and podcaster Scroobius Pip to talk about all things wrestling, UFC and more. Find our what they feel about the Royal Rumble, the Raw Reunion Show and which wrestler's podcast David describes as Brechtian.

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Artwork - Deano Peppers via
Music - John Sanz
Additional material by Jae Hodgkin
End music by Johnny Bailey

Scroobius Pip can be found at or @scroobiuspipyo on Twitter and his podcast Distraction Pieces can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, aCast or via his website.

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