Milking It - Episode 21 - Warrior Turtles Disney Rooney Arrorw Goonies Fest

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The boys are here yet again for another stroll through the week of geek! Join David and Boo for a round up of everything you need to know from the last 7 days including;

Warrior tribute (RIP 1959 - 2014)
Turtle's trailer first thoughts
Was there ever a good film based video game?
Star Wars 7 has started filming!
Mickey Rooney (RIP 1920 -2014)
Disney's live action films
Boo reviews Malific**t

Jae's Sticky Thumb Fun Emporium - Goat Simulator

Dave's watched Arrow - thoughts?
Game of Porn
TV shows - get Lost?
Robot Chicken DC episodes
Geek respect is it dying out - Boo's theory
Batman Strange Days
Goonies 2!
Kevin Smith - Tusky Depp
Borderlands 1/2/3
Lego Hobbit is rubbish
Family Guy Quest for Stuff
Alien Isolation

...and that concludes this first show - out Wrestlemania chit chat will be released as a Mini Milk tomorrow - its a good 40 minutes of our thoughts! Keep an I on iTunes and Stitcher for news!
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Thanks for listening!

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