Milking It - 20 pt.1 - Jonny Xmen Gotham Wrestlemania Jungle Book Fest

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The guys are back with another episode of the podcast that tugs the teat of popular culture until it explodes all over your face!

It's EPISODE 20!

In this special part one Boo and Dave are joined by pro wrestler and artist Jonny Bailey as they discuss;

Patrick Stewart's twitter
The Jungle Books
Gotham news!
EA talks Batman
Batman Brave & The Bold
Marvel TV reveals
Wolverine/Jackman, longest running actor in a role?

Jae's Sticky Thumb Fun Emporium - Knights of the Old Republic

Ghostbusters 3 news
Banananananananman! The Mooovee
Peanuts the teaser
Farcry 4
Assassin's Creed goes all French
Wrestlemania XXX thoughts!

Jae's Back Story B***cks - Whomping Willow

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