Milking It - 18 - Python Hardy Ramis Mabel Turtles WWE Network Fest

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A bumper episode this week kids! A huge slice of geek pie, served up by Boo Lemont and David Davies - the podcast that tugs the teat of popular culture until it explodes all over your face!

This week;

Harold Ramis RIP
Nelson "Mabel" Frazier RIP

Gotham - who's playing Michael Fish?
Michael B Jordan has his finger in two pies and Boo's annoyed
Boo's got a new podcast?!
Tom Hardy is Kray-zee
The new Python movie casting news

Jae's Sticky Thumb Fun Emporium - To The Moon

Lego Movie 2 and Minecraft jumps on board
NY Toy Fair 2014
Masters of the Robot Chicken
Guardians of the Galaxy trailer/Doctor Strange
A 1920s silent German movie...
League of Gentlemen/Psychoville/Inside Number 9

Jae's Backstory (Not) B**locks - Star Wars

WWE Network, and Jo Guest who's back, brother!

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