Milking It - 17 - Beetlejuice Batman Lego South Park Titanfall Fest!

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They are here once again to tug the teat of popular culture until it explodes all over your face, David, Boo and Jae explore the week of geek. This week;

RIP John Henson

Geek News
Gordon casting news
Is Deathstroke a right plum?
Rick & Morty season 2
Beetlejuice 2 news
Simpsons Lego Episode - we called it!
Lego Movie game first impressions

Jae's Sticky Thumb Fun Emporium - Walking Dead

Marvel Phase 3 films confirmed?
Boo and D clash over female superheroes...
Batista is doing house shows?
Jim Cornette will be meeting David! Can you imagine!
South Park Stick of Truth
Evil Within
Batman Origins Blackgate
Getaway ... remember that kids?
Titanfall beta, Boo reviews
Back to the Future laces?!?

Jae's Backstory Bo**ocks - Mega Man

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