Milking It 16 - Batman Flappy Bird Preacher DC Transformers Lego Fest

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Some sound issues this time but still the podcast that tugs the teat of popular culture until it explodes all over your face - this week the boys review the week of geek;

Do you smell what the Green Lantern is cooking?
Superman vs Batman news
Jarvis is moving on
Preacher news
Ghostbusters LEGO!!!!!

Jae's Sticky Thumb Fun Emporium - Flappy Bird

Back to the Future musical
Uncharted the movie
Chip n Dale - a bunch of muppets?
Flappy Bird (part two)
DC animated movie news
Gordon casting news
Superbowl spots, top 3 moments

Backstory Bo**ocks with Jae - Dutch from Predator 2 (spot the Boo mess up on the intro...)

Thanks for listening as always you sexy pigs

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