Milking It - 15 - Simpsons Clerks Star Wars Royal Rumble Geek Fest

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They're back, the Podcast that tugs the teat of popular culture until it explodes all over your face is here!

Episode 15 - a bumper 80mins of geeky goodness to stick in your ears.

This week the boys discuss;

Geek News -
Hipster X-men?!
Star Wars news
Clerks turns 20 / Smodcast
Booley's got a present coming!
Dungeons & Dragons turns 40
Batman Gotham news (whak whak whak!)
Simpsons Lego
The boys geek out over a game that doesn't yet exist!
The Lego Movie
TMNT first look
Elder Scrolls Online news

Jae's Sticky Thumb Fun Emporium - Sleeping Dogs

The Milking It Podcast reviews WWE Royal Rumble 2014

CM Punk has walked?

Jae's Backstory Bo**ocks - The pilot from RType

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